AC/DC Power Converter

AC/DC Power Converter

SECOM is an official distributor of three-phase AC/DC power converters. Several AC/DC converter families are considered an integral part of the company history, such as the GR89, GR91, GR93 and GR95. These converters were designed by SECOM and then subsequently installed with excellent results in plants all around the world.
New solutions have been studied along the years, increasingly performing and more suited to every customer needs, for example:

- Simple installation and maintenance
- Implementation of accessories and options
- IP20 wheeled book structures
- 12-pulse solutions and regenerative.

The SECOM AC/DC power converters can be realized with natural air cooling systems, in simple or redundant forced air or for cooling systems that use demineralized/distilled water.

SECOM is particularly careful to issues such as simplicity of installation, high reliability and ease of maintenance, especially when compared with other products on the market.
Three-phase AC/DC converters with natural air cooling up to 2000Adc and more than 1000Vac have been developed specifically for excitation systems. Three-phase converters in forced air cooling up to 4500Adc at 990Vac or 6000A at 500Vac are made in a single frame for industrial uses, such as unidirectional or regenerative DC drives.
SECOM also realizes water-cooled low voltage converters up to 16000Adc, made for industrial uses in the sectors of electroplating and chemical electrolysis processes.
Three-phase AC/DC converters starting from 200A up to 4500Adc are made with book frames, for the DC bus power supply for multidrive systems also in twelve-phase configuration.

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