Power Semiconductors

SECOM has been a market benchmark for electronic power devices for many years, also about their assembly. The experience gained over time has allowed the company to assist numerous industrial clients to develop special products and to automate production, ensuring a high-quality service in each stage of the process.

In order to achieve the highest standards in the field, SECOM has established key commercial relationships with some of the most important company of semiconductors, such as ABB, Dynex, Infineon, Mitsubishi and Powerex, that allow it to operate in various areas of application where power semiconductors are used as phase control rectifiers, inverters, AC and DC choppers, DC converters and much more.

In the power semiconductor field SECOM proposes:

Diodes and thyristors disc

Diodi semiconduttori di potenza


IGBT semiconduttore

Diodes and thyristors module

Diodes and thyristors module


IGCT semiconduttore

IGBT drive card

IGBT drive card


GTO semiconduttore

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