Substation rectifiers

Three-Phase Rectifiers for Railways and Electrical Substations

SECOM realizes power rectifiers for substationsfor traction applications, for the main European railways, the underground and tram lines. The three-phase rectifiers are designed, manufactured and tested according to EN50328 and IEC 60146-1 standards.
These devices are natural air cooling diode or thyristor bridges that increase the service's reliability and continuity and are made in 6, 12 or 24 pulse configurations.
It is possible to create bridges with a number of parallel diodes considering solutions with N + 1 diodes, or solutions with bridges in series or in parallel.

Here are some examples:

Silicon rectifier 5400 kW - 3000 Vcc
Configuration Twelve-phase Graetz bridge
Nominal power 5400 kW
Maximum voltage 4000 V
Rectified rated current 1500 Adc

Raddrizzatori per sottostazione al silicio

Raddrizzatori per sottostazione per strutture carrellate

Rectifier for wheeled structure
Power 1200 kW
Nominal tension 750 V
Rated current 1200 A
Current for 2 hours 1800 A
Current for 1 minute 3600 A
N° of diodes 6
Reverse voltage 2200 Vrrm

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