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Inverter Systems Electronics and Industrial Applications: Catalogue

Inverter for Industrial Applications and Plants

SECOM has developed its own family of modular Inverter for industrial electronics: SECOMDRIVE.
SECOMDRIVE is an innovative solution for all AC applications for automation or renewable energy lines in which high-power asynchronous motors are used.
Among the various applications of SECOMDRIVE inverters there are also machines, automatisms and industrial motors.
In the field of energy conversion and more specifically in DC/AC application, new technologies and high power IGBT's have allowed the development of industrial inverter with high current switching capabilities.
SECOM has created a series of IGBT power converters for these specific applications with particular attention to the development of converters in the 200kW-6MW range at 400 and 690Vac.
The industrial inverter have been designed for two different voltage ranges: 400Vac and 690Vac three-phase, using IGBTs at 1200V and 1700V.
Starting from the single converter, it is possible to reach higher power (up to 6 MW) by paralleling up to 8 single modules.
SECOM has also created water cooled inverters in order to meet low-noise and higher switching frequency requirments.

SECOMDRIVE line uses modular frequency converters converters suitable to cover various combinations for multidrive systems often called COMMON DC BUS. The control unit developed by Secom allows to control the inverter module by mean of a single fiber optic couple.
The main advantages of using SECOMDRIVE inverters:

  • High performance
  • Modular design
  • High mechanical strength for aggressive condition environments
  • On-wheels system for simple installation and maintenance
  • Compact dimensions with high power density
  • Customizable solutions for every customer need.

Technical data
Electrical data
AC line input voltage (Vin) 380V ÷ 480V (± 10%)
500V ÷ 690V (± 10%)
AC line output voltage (Vout) - first harmonic 0 ÷ Vdcp / √2
0 ÷ Vdcp*0.86
DC voltage trip treshold (Vdctrip) 820V per SDx.x.x.x.400
1200V for SDx.x.x.x.690
Input frequency range 50/60Hz
Output frequency rangeFor motor application: 0 ÷ 500 Hz (@5kHz of switching frequency)
Interface DPM power supply 24Vdc @ 1A without analog supply
STO N.2 channels 24Vdc - 20mA for each channel
Fan power supply 400V; 3AC - 50/60HZ
Ambient condition
Altitude Up to 2000m a.s.l. without derating (>2000m with derating)
Room temperature 0°C ÷ 40°C without derating (40°C ÷ 60°C with derating)
Pollution degree 2
Relative humidity Max 95% in normal conditions
Safety functions
STO SIL 3 PL e - Category 3
Mechanical data
Vibration stress EN 60721-3-3 Class 3M1 compliant; EN 60068-2-6
Shock EN 60068-2-27 compliant
Cooling systemForced air with internal fan (water cooled on request)
WeightUp to 178kg

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