Adjustable, armored and industrial power resistors

SECOM is the italian exclusive distributor of FRIZLEN industrial power resistors, which represent the highest quality standards "made in Germany".
Among the products FRIZLEN you can find 10W, 100W up to 500kW resistors, with a protection degree ranging from IP00 up to IP67.
The wide range of power resistors in the SECOM Power catalog allows to satisfy every need, ensuring high quality products for applications such as resistors for RC snubber, Inverter, brake chopper in the industrial or traction market, and much more.

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As shown in the figure below, FRIZLEN offers a range of resistors that varies from 10 W up to 500 kW.

FRIZLEN product overview

The FRIZLEN power resistors can be used for several applications like:

  • Braking resistors for frequency converters and DC drives
  • Discharge resistors
  • Filter resistors
  • Heating resistors
  • Emergency braking resistors
  • Starting resistors for DC motors
  • Load resistors for testing
  • Load resistors for data centers
  • Damping resistors
  • Current limiting resistors
  • Resistors for current and voltage blocking
  • Pre-charging resistors
  • Earthing resistors

Industrial armored adjustable power resistors: Full Catalogue

T100 wirewound tubular fixed resistors frizlen

T100 - Wirewound tubular fixed resistors

The original ones

  • High quality ceramic tubes
  • Perfect windings as basis
  • Completely assembled modules and in different configurations
  • Temperature switches and thermal over-current relays available for overload monitoring
  • Adjustable clips for adjusting resistance values on the windings

T100 - Wirewound tubular fixed resistors

Type series: FZ.A

  • Low temperature coefficient
  • Wire fixation by using cementation
  • Various diameters and lenghts plus wide range of connection and installation possibilities
  • Enclosure made from hot galvanized sheet steel
  • Low noise and low induction versions available
T100 wirewound tubular fixed resistors frizlen
T200 cement coated wirewound potentiometers frizlen

T200 - Cement coated wirewound potentiometers

The flexible ones

  • Continuously adjustable thanks to thanks to its circular shape
  • Guarantees flexibility in a very tight space
  • The operation can be manual or motorized

T300 - Flat resistors

The innovative ones

  • Made for tight spaces
  • Incorporated in an extruded aluminum case in 34 variants
  • Protection up to IP67 for use in risk areas
  • Increase dissipation by mounting heatsinks or cooling surfaces
  • Water-cooled structure for dissipation up to 40 kW
  • Thermal overload monitoring available

T300 flat resistors frizlen
T300 flat resistors frizlen

T300 - Flat resistors

  • Low temperature coefficient
  • Super-flat construction
  • Very high entrance protection, suitable for humid conditions

T400 - Load and testing resistors

The loadable ones

  • Load and testing resistors for laboratories, testing fields and industrial applications
  • For load applications or voltage/current regulation
  • For mobile applications
  • Load resistors for batteries, chargers, emergency power supplies or generators
T400 load and testing resistors frizlen
T500 wirewound lamina type fixed resistors frizlen

T500 - Wirewound lamina type fixed resistors

The modular ones

  • Space-saving and modular design
  • Universally used thanks to their flat structure
  • Adjustable clips for adjusting resistance values on the windings

T500 - Wirewound lamina type fixed resistors

  • Low temperature coefficient, constant ohmic value
  • Various lengths and widths available
  • Low noise and low induction versions available
  • Intrinsically safe
T500 wirewound lamina type fixed resistors frizlen
T600 steel grid fixed resistors frizlen

T600 - Steel-grid fixed resistors

The robust ones

  • High overload capacity, robust, inexpensive
  • Manufactured as chrome-alloyed, heat-resistant steel plates
  • Load capacity per steel-grid of 500 W
  • Higher load capacities by assembling different steel grids (resistor block)
  • Various protection degrees available

T600 - Steel-grid fixed resistors

  • Very favorable price-performance ratio
  • High thermal capacity, particularly resistant to short-term load overloads
  • Very robust design and structure
  • Individual elements in 50 various resistance values

T600 steel grid fixed resistor frizlen

3mm steel-grid elements frizlen

3mm steel-grid elements

Full of energy

  • High energy dumping capacity: 150 to 200 kJ per resistor element
  • Bent shape design for compact resistive blocks
  • Big enerdy loads can be realized with resistor devices up to 75% smaller size than before

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