MV drives

MV Medium Voltage Drives

Having been active in the power electronics and industrial automation field for over than 40 years, SECOM boats a high-level of specialization in the production of medium voltage conversion modules, that found applications in three-phase inverter at 3,3 kV and multilevel inverters from 3kV to 11kV.

The company offers a wide range of medium voltage devices, that include IGBT inverter, IGCT inverter, and multilevel inverters.
More specifically, these are phase modules that allow the customer to make a fibre optic connection for control and command of the IGBT/IGCT within the module.
These stacks are designed to guarantee the quickest and easiest maintenance of the inverter inside the cabinet.

Within the range of medium voltage products are also present crowbar, 12-pulse DFE power supplies and braking chopper. Power converters and special assemblies designed in collaboration with our customers are further examples of the added value that the company can offer to innovative applications capable of improving production performance in various industrial sectors.
The following families are considered medium voltage drives:

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