IGBT power stack

IGBT power stack inverter medium voltage

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IGBT Power Stack

Gli Inverter SECOMDRIVE MV IGBT Inverter are high performance water cooled converter with Neutral Point Clamped (NPC) topology.
The IGTB Power Stack’s converter can also be used as regenerative converter, e.g. Active Front End (AFE).
SECOM Drive MV IGBT Inverter meets the following requirements:

  • High dynamic performances
  • High power rating at low frequencies
  • Line power factor = almost 1,0 (AFE version)
  • Four-quadrant operation (AFE version).

Grid-side and motor-side converters use 4,8 MVA IGBT modules.
The IGBT Power Stack is a complete three-phase Inverter solution in a single support module (on wheel) and each phase is on a single removable drawer.

Main IGBT Power Stack features::

  • Ready-to-connect
  • Design focused on easy maintenance and quick power module replacement (wheeled power modules allow very fast substitution without any special tool or lifting device)
  • Interchangeable modules, usable on both AFE or inverter unit.
Technical data
Technical data SECOM IGBT modules
Line side converter Diode DFE rectifier or 4Q - AFE module
Motor side converter IGBT INV module
Unit power rating 4.8 MVA
Rated output current (In) 870 A continuously (rms value)
Rated output voltage 3150 Vac
Efficiency 98%
Motor type Induction or synchronous
Main supply voltage (50/60Hz) 3160 Vac +/- 10%
Inverter output frequency Up to 65Hz
Input power factor ≥ 0.93
Cooling Water cooled
Auxiliary voltages range 380 ÷ 480 Vac 50/60 Hz
Protection degree IP00 (module)
Overall module dimensions 697 mm (W) x 750 mm (D) x 1735 (H)
Single module weight 300 ÷ 450 kg
Applicable standards IEC 60146 – IEC 61800-3/4/5 IEC60204-11 – IEC62103 – EN62271

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