Components for traction

Traction components for Railway and Transport

Thanks to the long experience gained within the sector, SECOM has managed to build over time an image of great reliability and professionalism in relation to various industries. Now an official RFI and Trenitalia supplier, the company has developed various type-approved products and devices over the years. The homologation process has led to the development of various equipment including:

  • Substation rectifiers, for traction applications in Europe's main railways, subways and tramlines
  • Battery charger, to power direct-current auxiliary services in railway systems for electric power conversion and switching
  • Voltage limiters, which prevent tracks from reaching too high voltages that can potentially be dangerous and capable of damaging the track itself.

SECOM technicians are available to provide detailed consultations to clients and to support them from the early stages of system design to ensure the utmost quality and efficiency of each work.

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