Diode and thyristors water stack

Diode and thyristors water stack

SECOM offers a wide range of forced water cooled products, made on customer specifications, according to the required performance.
Mainly these diode and thyristors water stack are made with disc components cooled by a pair of water heatsinks that clamp the component.

SECOM realizes different circuit configurations including:

  • Diode bridge branches
  • Thyristor bridge branches
  • Three-phase thyristor bridges
  • Three-phase diode bridges
  • Diode bridges in double star configuration
  • Bidirectional bridges
  • Single-phase AC switch
  • Three-phase AC switch

This type of converter family ranges from 2000A to 16000A.
In the various configurations the diode stack can be equipped with semiconductor protection fuses, current transducers, thermal pads or NTC.
In the same category as the water-cooled converters can also be found low voltage drives like GRW6 and the bridges family GR9W and GR9AW.

Stack a diodi tiristori acqua

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