Products and Customized Solutions for Industrial Plants

Over the years SECOM has specialized in the creation of bespoken solutions to meet specific customer needs. The special products section includes:

  • High frequency converters for hardening, melting and induction heating plants. Those are special water cooled H bridge configuration IGBT converters suitable for working at high frequencies and allowing a reduced energy consumption
  • Components for traction such as substation rectifiers, voltage limiters, battery charger power supplies, power supplies for auxiliary services with 3kV catenary connection, power supplies for auxiliary services on the machine
  • Products for special applications of research institutions, like CERN and INFN, such as rectifiers for stabilized power supplies for magnets and pulse power converters
  • Special products for test benches and test room systems such as regenerative power supplies, high frequency inverter, three-phase IGBT static switches, special rectifiers, DC/DC converters for chargers and supercapacitors.

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