Sheng Ye Electrical

SECOM has entered into an exclusive distribution agreement with Sheng Ye Electrical. The range of products the company offers is widely used in many sectors such as energy quality, distribution system and industrial power electronics.
Our experts will help you in the best selection of capacitors for DC BUS, for the realization of AC line filters or for any other special application in power electronics.

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Sheng Ye Electrical


DC link capacitor

DC link capacitor


Heavy duty AC filter capacitor

Condensatore heavy duty AC filter


DC link capacitor

Condensatore DC link custom


IGBT snubber capacitor

Condensatore IGBT snubber


Heavy duty AC filter capacitor

Condensatore AC filter heavy duty


General purpose capacitor

Condensatore per uso generale SNUT2

Electronicon Gmbh

SECOM is an official ELECTRONICON GmbH film capacitor distributor for every industrial application, in particular for capacitors relating to power electronics. ELECTRONICON is a German company specialized in capacitors for power factor correction, harmonic filtering, traction and DC connection.

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E50 - PK16

High density film capacitor

E50-PK16 high density capacitor

E56 DC - E59 AC/DC

Large capacitance, very small self-inductance and high surge current sustaining capability

Large capacitance small self-inductance and high surge current sustaining capability capacitor


High voltage, low inductance

High voltage low inductance capacitor


Hermetical case capacitor

Hermetical case capacitor

E53/E55 AC/DC

High-current and low self-inductance

High current low self-inductance capacitor

E63 DC

Very useful capacitors for applications with high AC ripple currents

High AC ripple currents capacitor

Industrial film capacitors

SECOM deliver a wide range of power capacitors for industrial applications that use converters, choppers or inverters, power factor correction and network harmonic filtering.
SECOM supplies capacitors for AC, DC and filter applications.
For power factor correction in alternating current, capacitor banks are also available in single-phase and three-phase configurations with or without inductance for the reduction of network harmonics.
All capacitors are used in compliance with the main international standards with particular reference to DIN and IEC.

Other range of components:

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