High Frequency converter

High Frequency converters for Induction Heating applications

SECOM introduced in 2013 a new series of high frequency converters converters that incorporate the technology currently used in Induction Heating, hardening, melting and/or other applications where a resonant circuit is required.

The strenghts of high frequency converters are:

  • Use of IGBT HF technology
  • A drastic gas and smoke emissions reduction typical of the old heating process;
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Immediate heating availability. Long start or stop sequences are not necessary like in traditional heating furnaces.

The H bridge configuration is used in Induction Heating converters SECOM.
The HF and LF Induction Heating power stage converts the frequency power of the service line available in single phase to an appropriate frequency for the Induction Heating process.
The power modules are water-cooled and the solution of the module guarantees simplicity in terms of maintenance and assistance operations.

This family of SECOM high frequency converters is further divided into 5 subcategories:

High-frequency Converters for Induction Heating Applications: Catalogue

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