Eaton fuses - Bussmann series

SECOM is an official distributor of Eaton fuses - Bussmann series for industrial applications and especially for high-speed fuses in the field of power electronics. Eaton with its Bussmann series is a world fuse market leader and provides integrated solutions that meet the needs of ever-changing markets.

High-speed fuses provide superior protection or isolation for components such as diodes, silicon controlled rectifiers (SCRs), Gate torn-Off Thyristors (GTOs) and IGBTs and in light and heavy harsh DC traction applications as high as 4000Vdc and 10,000A. Bussmann fuses are also used for the protection of DC link/power converters. Optimized dimensions and materials allow for excellent thermal dissipation for high current cycling environments, or heavy duty applications.

Eaton bussmann fuses core features

  • Innovative design allows for a significantly smaller package without compromising heat rise performance, preventing extensive equipment redesign
  • Global acceptance with UL, CSA and IEC for products sold worldwide
  • Standard Class J dimensions allowing the use of readily available fuse blocks, holders, and switches

EATON bussmann


DC common bus protection, DC drives, power converters /rectifiers and reduced voltage starters

Square body

Protection of DC drives, power converters/rectifiers, UPS, soft starters, variable speed drives and inverters. Overload and short circuit protection


Fuses for the American
and Canadian market


DC common bus protection, DC drives, power converters /rectifiers and reduced voltage starters

IGBT fuse link

Minimum energy transmission, low operating temperature and low loss of watts

Medium Voltage Fuses

Solution for any medium voltage application with current limiting E-rated fuses, PT and R-rated fuses

North American

DC common bus protection, DC drives, power converters /rectifiers and reduced voltage starters


Protection of third DC rail applications, DC switches and general
traction applications

Solar PV fuses

Protection of solar energy systems at extreme ambient temperatures, protection of strings, array combiners and disconnectors

Eaton accessories

In addition to a wide range of fuses, SECOM offer is completed with a series of auxiliary accessories, from microswitch to fuse holders.

Eaton micro switch NH type
Microswitch Eaton Bussmann
Fuse holder Eaton Bussmann

Pronutec fuse holders

SECOM is a distributor for the Italian market for Pronutec fuse holders. Pronutec is considered one of the leading companies specialised in the manufacturing and marketing of capital goods for the low voltage switchgear sector. The company is oriented to both, public and private networks and its main priorities are: the research and development of new solutions and a customer oriented attitude.

After more than 30 years of experience in the market, it is in full expansion and has sales representatives in more than 60 countries.

Pronutec basi portafusibili

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