Capacitor banks

Rack for Capacitor Banks

The capacitor racks are units designed to increase the capacity of the DC BUS capacitor bank in multidrive configurations, single drives or for special applications.
The racks can be wheeled or can have a structure for wall mounting, they also can have an internal preload circuit and are equipped with protection fuses and discharge resistors.
When you need more capacity, you can connect the racks in parallel to obtain the required capacity.
The racks are composed of electrolytic capacitors connected in series and in parallel in order to reach specific voltage and capacity levels.

For the remaking of multidrive systems in which Siemens power supplies and Inverters are installed in the Masterdrive version and the customer needs to install S120 type inverters, it is necessary to add a capacity defined by the difference in capacitors of the previous machines compared to the new ones.

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Technical data
Ambient condition
Altitude 1000 m. a.s.l.
Climate Temperate
Min./Max. operating temperature 0 ÷ 40°C
Storage temperature -40 ÷ +55°C
Relative humidity 10 ÷ 90% (from 0 to 40°C)
Main general data
Main supply voltage 540 Vdc - 930 Vdc
Tolerance ± 20% power supply
Capacity 7.830 ÷ 47.000 µF
Rated frequency 50 and 60 Hz; ± 2%
Protection degree IP20
Cooling system Natural air
Installation type Removable
Dimensions 243 x 1726 x 650 mm (WxDxH)
Weight 85kg

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