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Crowbar scr medium voltage

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Medium voltage Crowbar SCR Stack

The medium voltage module Crowbar Stack it's a machine that collects a series of tasks necessary for the operation of medium voltage SD drives.
The module Crowbar SCR Stack is divided into the sections listed below:

  • Crowbar section / Chopper section (depending on the version)
  • Supply section
  • Precharge section

Crowbar scr medium voltage dimensioni

There are different Crowbar SCR Stack topologies depending on:

  • Precharge type
  • Number of power supply units
  • Discharge resistance assembly

The Crowbar components are the following:

  • Control card for thyristor activation (UNDEX_MT)
  • Semiconductor stack, consisting of two thyristors and two diodes
  • Discharge resistors (only for AXR2 version)
  • Limiting reactors di/dt
  • Current transducers
  • Power transformer
  • Crowbar section/chopper section (depending on the version)
  • Supply section
  • Precharge section
Technical data
Ambient condition
Altitude 1000 m. a.s.l.
Min./Max. operating temperature 0 ÷ 40°C
Storage temperature 0 ÷ 40°C
Relative humidity 10 ÷ 90%
Dimensions and weight
Height 1740 mm
Width 400 mm
Depth 760 mm
Weight 210 kg
Electrical data
Rated DC bus voltage 4800 Vdc (2400+2400)
Crowbar self-activation threshold 6000 Vdc (3000+3000)
Current discharge peak 1000 A
Thyristor activation External command

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