Medium Voltage Fuses

Medium Voltage Fuses

With their unrivaled short-circuit breaking capacity, Medium Voltage (MV) current limiting fuses are the main protective devices used by electronic equipment manufacturers and switchgear around the world.
Safe, reliable, environmentally friendly and economically advantageous, MV fuses are the right choice for distribution circuit protection devices, thanks to their speed of operation and the ability to limit current in the event of a short-circuit failure.

MV current limiting fuses have a structure similar to that of cartridge types for low voltage (LV - Low voltage).
However, the fuse elements must be much longer to safely interrupt medium voltage shorts. This is accomplished by wrapping the elements around an internal base or support, often called a star-core (spider) support. Thanks to this technique, a one meter long element can be enclosed in a 250 mm long body.
The elements are surrounded by a filling of pure and extremely compacted quartz granules.
MV fuses have a ceramic body like that of LV fuses.

Most current limiting MV fuses also have an actuator mechanism, which is used to operate the bar or trip mechanism in a fuse-breaker, ring main unit (RMU) or panel combination. of the fuse-breaker, in order to obtain the interruption of low overload faults and the three-phase disconnection.

Medium voltage fuse DIN
Medium voltage fuse

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